Dr Amit Maydeo



Chairman – Baldota Institute of Digestive Sciences,

Global hospital,



Dr Amit Maydeo is currently the Chairman of the Baldota Institute of Digestive Sciences at the Global hospital in Mumbai, India and President of the Association of Interventional GI Endoscopy of India.


His main research interest has been in the field of GI Endoscopy particularly Interventional ERCP and the new speciality of 3rd Space Endoscopy. He has done original work in the areas of endotherapy of chronic pancreatitis, GI bleeding, difficult CBD stones and 3rd space endoscopy.


Dr Maydeo was the first to introduce the POEM, STER & ARMS procedures in India in 2012 and recently launched India’s first Bariatric endoscopy program.


He has published over 200 papers in National and International peer reviewed journals and has written chapters in 7 textbooks on GI Endoscopy and related topics. He is on the International editorial board of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Endoscopy and is a Co-Editor of the Endoscopy International Open journal. He has received the outstanding reviewer award from GIE for the past 4 consecutive years.


Dr Maydeo has been a visiting faculty for more than 100 endoscopy workshops all over the world and has himself conducted 21 International LIVE endoscopy workshops in Mumbai over the past 25 years.

Dr Maydeo was recognized by the Government of India in the year 2013 when he received the countries 3rd highest civilian award for his outstanding contribution to the field of medicine and gastroenterology from the President of India.  


Dr Maydeo has also been an award winner in the 1st World Cup of Endoscopy held in Chicago during the DDW and was selected to be a member of the jury for the recently held endoscopy world cup during DDW 2016.


Dr Maydeo is an avid teacher and runs a popular Endoscopy training institute called as the Endoscopy Gurukul where aspiring young endoscopists from India and abroad are taught basic as well as advanced GI Endoscopic procedures.