Dr. Mariano E. Gimenez

Curriculum Vitae

Mariano E. Giménez MD, PhD, FSIR


- Physician. School of Medicine. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

- Winner by public examination of the “Legado Peruilh” research grant awarded by the University of Buenos Aires to attend the Mayo Clinic, USA, for further training.

- Doctor in Medicine. Thesis grade: “Outstanding”. School of Medicine. University of Buenos Aires.

- Full Professor of Surgery. School of Medicine. University of Buenos Aires.

- Visiting Professor. Postgraduate Degree in Interventional Radiology. University of Zaragoza, Spain.

- Visiting Professor. Surgery and Radiology. School of Medicine. University of Louisiana, USA.

- Visiting Professor. Surgery. School of Medicine. University of Asunción, Paraguay.

- Visiting Professor. Surgery. School of Medicine. Universidad del Este, Paraguay.

- Specialist in General Surgery, granted by the Argentine Association of Surgery, the Ministry of Health of the Nation and the Medical College of the Province of Buenos Aires

- Specialist in Coloproctology, awarded by the Argentine Society of Coloproctology, the Argentine School of Coloproctology and the Graduate School of the Argentine Medical Association.

- Former Director of the University Centre for practice, teaching and research into Minimally Invasive Surgery. School of Medicine. University of Buenos Aires.

- Past Chief – Division of Gastroenterology Surgery at Clínicas University Hospital. University of Buenos Aires.

- Director of the University Diploma in Gastroenterological Surgery at the University of Buenos Aires.

- Over 1,000 lectures given and surgery activities run for post graduate participants in 32 countries.

- Directed or coordinated over 150 scientific events in Argentina and abroad.

- Presented or published over 200 scientific papers in Argentina and abroad.

- Thirteen awards, including "Prize School of Medical Sciences 1996" Best Thesis of the year. University of Buenos Aires

- Over 75 book chapters authored or books co-authored in Argentina and abroad.

Among them:

- Editor of the postgraduate book on topics of minimal invasive surgery. "Manual of minimally invasive techniques guided by images" Editorial Journal. 2012.

- Editor of the textbook in Surgery. "Surgery. Fundamentals of Surgical Clinical Practice" Editorial Medica Panamericana. 2013.

- Editor of the book on laparoscopic surgery. "Laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery.

Novel techniques, extending the limits". (Two volumes) Editors: Mariano Palermo, Mariano Gimenez and Michel Gagner. Editorial Amolca 2015.

- Editor of the book (Section Technology) of the American Hepato Pancreato Biliary Association (AHPBA): "Practical management of dilemmas in surgical hepatopancreato-biliary diseases". Publishers: Quyen Chu, Charles Vollmer, Gazi Zibari, Susan Orloff, Mallory Williams and Mariano Giménez. 2018 (in press).

- Member of a number of Scientific Societies in Argentina and abroad.

- Honorary member of several Scientific Societies, (Brazilian College of Surgery, Brazilian College of Digestive Surgery, Peruvian Society of Surgery, Peruvian Chapter of IHPBA, Bolivian Society of Surgery, etc.)

- Former President of the Iberian-American Society of Interventionism. (SIDI)

- Ex General Secretary of School of Medicine. University of Buenos Aires.

- Ex General Secretary of Asociación Argentina de Cirugía.

- Member of Doctoral Thesis Juries and Thesis Director.

- FSIR. Fellow of SIR (American Society of Interventional Radiology)

- President of DAICIM Foundation, dedicated to Teaching, Treatment and Research into Interventional Radiology and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

- Director of the Latin American School of Interventional Radiology, which has hosted and trained more than 110 interventional radiologists and surgeons from 12 countries in the last 23 years.

- Scientific Director Percutaneous Surgery. IHU. Strasbourg. France.

- Director - Chair of General Surgery and Minimal Invasive Surgery “Taquini”. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina

-Chair of Excellence in Percutaneous Surgery  Institute for Advanced Studies,     University of Strasbourg, France