Professor Liza María Pompa González, MD, FACS, IFASMBS

LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity
Boulevard Agua Caliente #4558-601 Colonia Aviación C.P 22420

Phone (MEX): (664) 6862542 & 6862544

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Dr. Liza Maria Pompa Gonzalez attended the prestigious School of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico and graduated with the highest honors, earning the Academic Merit Award. Shortly after, she obtained the highest score among thousands of applicants in the National Exam for Medical Residency Candidates (ENARM). She specialized in surgery at the Tijuana General Hospital, where her surgical abilities and academic achievements made her eligible for a rotation as visiting resident in the world recognized Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, thus perfecting her skills with new and advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques.

Her extensive academic career was enhanced in the field of bariatric surgery through special training at the European Institute of Telesurgery in Strasbourg, France. Her eagerness to share her experience and knowledge has led her to impart different training courses in the latest laparoscopic techniques and to perform exhibition surgeries within different professional arenas.

After specializing in laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Pompa focused her efforts and talents on mastering the most advanced techniques in bariatric surgery and on designing an Integrative Bariatric Program to treat what is now considered the epidemic of the century: obesity.

After a rigorous evaluation process that lasted almost two years, Dr. Pompa and her obesity clinic obtained the prestigious Surgeon of Excellence and Center of Excellence certifications, granted by U.S. based Surgical Review Corporation.

Dr. Pompa is also leading preceptor for Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Endosurgery Total patient care program on Integrative Care for the Bariatric Patient.
In 2013 she was inducted as a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Pompa was the first Hispanic woman ever to receive such a title.
A Tijuana, Baja California native, Dr. Pompa has built a practice that offers medical care which surpasses International standards, with the human touch that characterizes Mexican doctors. This important fusion of characteristics makes for an impressively full clinical schedule with appointments made by patients from all over the world.

Admirable as her professional track record is, what probably distinguishes her most is a unique combination of excellence, professionalism, compassion, vision and philanthropy; which has made her one of Baja California’s most distinguished women.

She often participates as an attendee or speaker at different national and international conferences and is a member of the following associations:

•Mexican Association of General Surgery
•Mexican College for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases.
•American Association for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery
•International Federation on Obesity
•French Society for Digestive Surgery
∙International Bariatric Club

She is certified by the Mexican College of Surgery, the Mexican College for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases and by the American Heart Association in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Her book, titled “How Much Does Your Life Weigh?” is dedicated to both adults and children who are searching for medical help to solve their excess weight or obesity problems.

As founder and lead surgeon of LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity, Dr. Pompa has surrounded herself with a multidisciplinary team and created a unique program which covers the early pre-surgical phases all the way through to the post-surgical ones. She has pioneered the design of patient education programs and her vision and commitment to excellence have allowed her to help thousands of people from all over the world overcome obesity.

In addition, Dr. Pompa created the LIMARP Foundation, a not for profit organization that helps low income, obese patients recover their health and designs campaigns to fight obesity in her native Tijuana.