Dr. Mohammed Al-Haifi FRCS

• Consultant General Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery.
• Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons, Ed.
• Good Will Ambassador for life.
• Honoring the League of Arab States for Arab Achievers.
• Former Minister Of Health in Kuwait (2012-2013) 0096566828387 dr_alhaifi@hotmail.com
Personal Data:
Surname : Al Haifi Forename : Mohammad Barrak Salem Date of Birth : 14th September 1962 Place of Birth : Kuwait Nationality : Kuwaiti Civil Status : Married with 6 Children Languages : Arabic /English

Home Address : P.O. Box 18666, Farwaniya, Kuwait. Telephone No : Home 24722450 Mobile 66828387 Office : 22665058 Fax : 22665059

Secondary School Certificate – Kuwait - June 1980 School Leaving Certificate - Irish - June 1981 MBBS – LARCP (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - November 1987 F.R.C.S (Ed) – Ireland - November 1995




Work Experience:
➢ 1st January – 1988 – 31st December 1989 (1 Year) Internship in Kuwait -Al Amiri
• 1st Jan - 30th April 1988 in medicine
• 1st May - 1st July 1988 in pediatrics
• 1st July - 1st November 1988 in Surgery
• 2nd November – 1st Jan 1989 in Obs/Gyn. ➢ January 1989 - July 1993 in surgical department Al Amiri Hospital as a S.H.O. –
Kuwait ➢ August 1993 - August 1994 in Royal Infirmary General Surgery S.H.O. - Aberdeen
Scotland ➢ July 1995 – November 1996 – General Surgery - Acting Senior Registrar in Amiri
Hospital -Kuwait ➢ November 1996 – January 2001- General Surgery -Senior Registrar ➢ January 2001 onward – Consultant in General Surgery in Amiri Hospital – Kuwait ➢ June 2002 – January 2004 – Chairman Accident & Emergency in Amiri Hospital –
Kuwait ➢ During the Invasion of Kuwait in 1990, I joined Kuwait Army as a voluntarily
Clinical Teaching:
➢ Under graduate 5th Year student Clinical Tutor since 1996. ➢ Postgraduate Clinical Tutor for Family Medicine Program since 1996
Conferences & Courses Attended:
1. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy course, Amiri Hospital -31st October – 2nd
November 1992 2. Basic laparoscopic course in Mubarak Hospital – from 15th -19th March 1993 3. First Diabetic Foot Symposium in Kuwait – from 15th – 16th November 1997
4. San Diego Surgical Conference in U.S.A – from 22nd -26th February 1999 – 1-day
course in laparoscopic surgery. 5. 85 American collage Clinical Congress - from 10th -15th October 1999 San
Francisco U.S.A. 6. Advanced Surgical training in Laparoscopic surgery in King Fahed Hospital Jeddah
from 31st January -12th February 2000 7. Surgery in the new millennium joint scientific meeting from 25-27 March 2000 in
Kuwait. 8. 86 American college Clinical Congress – from 6th -11th October 2000 in Chicago
U.S.A 9. Training the trainers course – from 6th -7th January 2001 10. Training in basic surgical skills course from 8th – 9th January 2001 in Kuwait 11. Breast Symposium from 17th -19th February 2001 in Kuwait 12. Endocrinology & Metabolism Symposium 8th April 2001 in Kuwait 13. International surgical week Belgium from 26th -30th August 2001 14. European course on laparoscopic surgery Brussels from 30th -31st August 2001 15. Update in Homeostasis and Laparoscopic surgery Brussels from 24th December
2001 16. 1st Urology forum 4th -6th February 2002 17. Recent advance in the management of breast cancer from 8th – 10th April 2002 18. 2nd Diabetic foot conference from 12th -14th October 2002 19. Updated in thyroid disease from 28th – 30th October 2002 20. 2nd Mediterranean of Middle castern endoscopes surgery congress from 31st
October – 3rd November 2002 in Greece. 21. 1st Annual Akuja from 14th -17th December 2002 in Kuwait. 22. 1st world summit in Kidney surgery from 5th -7th February 2003 in Kuwait 23. 4th International symposium on the diabetic foot from 22nd -24th May 2003 in
Holland 24. 13th world congress IASG from 3rd -6th December 2003 in Portugal 25. 2nd Annual Akupas from 6th -11th December 2003 in Kuwait 26. Current concepts in upper GI disease from17th 18th January 2004 in Kuwait 27. Workshop “New advances in Laparoscopy from 28th February -2nd March 2004 in
Adan Kuwait 28. 1st plastic congress from 10th -14th April 2004 Kuwait 29. 90th Annual ACS Congress from 10th – 14th October 2004 in new Orleons U.S.A. 30. 4th Mediterranean and middle Endoscopy surgery congress from 18th -19th
November 2004 in Veinse Italy. 31. 1st Arab congress of laparoscopic surgery from 27th -29th November 2004, Kuwait. 32. 3rd Annual Akupas from 11th -15th December 2004, Kuwait 33. 4th Annual Symposium in colorectal surgery from 4th-5th January 2005, Adan
hospital Kuwait
34. Obesity & Endocrine after 5th decay, from 18th -19th April 2005, Kuwait 35. 1st workshop in lap. Gastric bypass 11th- 13th March 2005, Amiri hospital Kuwait. 36. Advanced lap & Bariatric surgery workshop from 24th -27th May 2005, Adan &
Jahra hospital Kuwait 37. Lap colorectal surgery workshop from 2nd – 5th July 2005, Amiri hospital Kuwait. 38. 41 ISW from 21st -25th August 2005, Durban South Africa. 39. Lap. Gastric Band Work shop from 16th -17th December 2006, Al Adan hospital
Kuwait. 40. Sages Meeting 2007, from 18th – 22nd April 2007, LAS VAGA, U.S.A. 41. ISW 2007, 26th -30th August 2007, Mon Treal -Canada 42. 4th Akupas from 3rd -6th December 2005 Kuwait. 43. 5th Akupas from 2nd -5th December 2006 Kuwait 44. Fundamental Laparoscopic Gastric bypass surgery training from 7th – 9th March
2007, Hamburg- Germany 45. Master course for Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair from 20th -21st
September 2006 Prague, Czech Republic. 46. The future of infection prevention work shop from 19th -21st February 2007,
Kuwait 47. Work shop surgical treatment of Mobile obesity from 29th March-1st April 2005,
Lyon -France. 48. Work shop in Endoscopic Thyroidectomy – Para thyroidectomy from 29th -31st
January 2005, Adan Kuwait. 49. Work shop Intra Gastric balloon from 1st -2 June 2006 -Trad Hospital, Beirut
Lebanon. 50. 5th Digestive Endoscopy Symposium 27-28 Sept.,2014, Kuwait. 51. 13th Annual Kuwait Postgraduate Assembly in Surgery 31Jan.,2015, Kuwait. 52. Kuwait First Relive Bariatric and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Conference 20-
22 March,2015, Kuwait. 53. 3rd International Head and Neck Cancer Conference 8-11 April 2015, Kuwait. 54. 3rd Kuwait International Head and Neck Cancer Conference 7-9 November 2015,
Kuwait. 55. 14th Annual Kuwait Post Graduate Assembly in Surgery (AKUPAS) 30TH Jan-1 Feb
2016-Kuwait. 56. Kuwait Medical Association Scientific Conference 18-19 March 2016, Kuwait. 57. Kuwait International Conference in Breast and Hepato-Biliary Cancers 13-16
April,2016. 58. 15th Annual Kuwait Postgraduate Assembly in Surgery 4-8 Feb 2017, Kuwait. 59. 4th Kuwait International Conference of Head and Neck Cancer 12-15 April2017,
Kuwait. 60. 6th Annual Kuwait Breast Diseases and Oncoplastic Surgery (25-27 Nov 2017) 61. 16th Annual Kuwait Postgraduate Assembly in Surgery (10-12 Feb 2018).
62. Kuwait Second Relive Bariatric and advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Conference
(21-23 April 2018).
Publications and Oral Presentation:
1. Khafagy A., Haifi M., Juma T., Cystic Retroperitoneal Lymphangioma in an adult K.M.J.
December 1995, Vol.27, No.4 2. Khafagy AR, Al-Haifi MB, Al-Anezi K, Juma TH. Five years of experience in Hernia Repair, Amiri
Hospital Kuwait K.M.J. December 1996 VOL. 28, No 40 3. Raj Kumar Asingh Talib H. Juma Moh’d B. Al Haifi, Ali Noor Amputation of lower extremity in Diabetic high risk patients under periphera never block K.M.J December 2001 Vol.33 No.4 4. K. Mekhaizeem, M. Al Haifi – M. Kalaoui
Mesentric Venous Ischemia, an unusual cause of abdominal pain KMJ December 2002, 34(4):313-315 5. Rhomboid flap a primary cure of P.N.S. Presented in surgery in the new millennium 26th March
2000 Kuwait, M. Al-Haifi, T. Juma, H. Al-Anezy, H. Al-Sayer. 6. The use of V.A.C. in diabetic foot presented in 2nd diabetic foot conference 14th October 2002,
Kuiwait M.AL -Haifi, T. Juma. 7. Lap appendectomy the gold standards in our unit, presented 0-2nd Mediterranean and middle
east endoscopic surgery conference 1st November 2002, M. Al-Haifi, A. Ismail, T. Juma. 8. Lap. Excision of mesenteric cyst presented on Mediterranean middle East endoscopic surgery
conference on 19th November 2004, M. Al-Haifi A. Mustafa, T. 9. Management of appendectomy in Lap Era. M.Al-Haifi, T. Juma, on 3rd annual Akupas 15th
December 2004 Kuwait. 10. Non-specific acute abdominal pain oral presentation in 5th Aupas 3rd December 2006 11. Wael Fathi, Al Haifi Mohammad, Juma Talib Safety of laparoscopy in acute cholecystitis. K.M.J.
December 2006 Volume 38 No. 4. 12. Al Haifi M, Mohammad A. Juma T. Primary torsion of the omentum: laparoscopic diagnosis &
Resection. K. M.J. March 2007 volume 39 No. 1 13. Al Haifi M., Abdulsamad A. Juma T. Laparoscopic excision of mesenteric cyst, acase report
K.M.J June 2007 volume 39 No. 2.
1. Dr. Hilal Al Sayer, MD., FRCS.
Chairman Dept. of surgery, Al Amiri Hospital, Kuwait.
2. Dr. Sabah Al Hadeedi, FRCSI
Head of Unit Al Amiri Hospital, Kuwait.
3. Dr. Talib Juma, FECSI, FICS,
Consultant Surgeon Department Surgery Al Amiri Hospital, Kuwait.
4. Dr. B. parakash FRCS
Head of unit Department of Surgery, Al Amiri Hospital, Kuwait.